Nurse's Corner

Does my child need a medical form to attend camp?
Yes - Completed medical forms are due by the first week of June. Both a parent/guardian and the doctor must sign the form for it to be complete. Incomplete forms will be returned for completion. A camper may not attend camp without a current and completed medical form on file. All physicals must be within 36 months of the last day the camper will attend camp.

Is there always a nurse on site?
Yes. There is always at least one registered nurse on site during regular camp hours. The camp physician is available by telephone during camp hours. There will also be a nurse at our open house at which time you can discuss any concerns you may have.

What do I do if my child requires an Epi-pen?
You will need to complete a medication authorization form, signed by the ordering physician and the parent of the camper who will need the Epi-pen. Please bring completed form along with a non-expired Epi-pen in its original container, with pharmacy label, to the camp nurse prior to the camper's first day of camp.

Can my child receive medication while at camp?
Yes. Medications that are required during the camp day will be dispensed by our Camp Nurse in the Nursing Office. All medications including, over the counter medications, inhalers, Epi-pens and non prescription medications to be administered at camp require a Medication Administration Authorization form which can be downloaded from the camp website or by contacting the camp office. All medications must be brought to camp by a parent/guardian prior to the first day of camp. Medications should not be sent with your child on the bus. Please call the office to make arrangements. All prescription medication must be in the original container, with pharmacy label, that identifies the prescribing physician, the name of the medication, the dosage, and the frequency of administration. All medication, including over the counter items (vitamins, creams, lotions, etc.) must be dispensed by the camp nurse, with the exception of sunscreen. All over the counter medication must be in original packaging and clearly labeled with camper’s full name. Please send enough medication to last the entire session the camper will be attending. Refrigeration will be provided if necessary. Medications cannot be shared between campers and will not be administered if these criteria are not met. All inhalers and Epi-Pens and other medications must be kept in the camp nurse’s office or with an approved staff member during hikes/trips, etc. Leftover medication will need to be picked up at the end of the campers last session. All unclaimed medications will be destroyed 10 days after a camper’s last day per state requirements.

Can you apply sunscreen to my child?
Yes. Please apply waterproof sunscreen to your child every morning before they leave for camp. We will re-apply with each campers own supply as needed. Please send this in their back pack each day. 

What is your policy regarding Food Allergies?
Each year we have several staff and campers with a variety of food allergies. In order to maintain a safe environment for all we ask that you please do not send any food into camp. If your child has a food allergy, please make sure that it is clearly indicated on the medical form. The kitchen staff and camp nurse work closely together to monitor the ingredients of all the food we serve at camp and post a list of foods containing those allergens on a daily basis at morning snack, lunch and afternoon snack time. The staff and group leaders that have campers with specific food allergies are notified in writing and all staff are given written and verbal information regarding food allergies and signs and symptoms of how a food allergy may present itself. We also encourage campers to advocate for themselves and if they are ever in doubt about eating something they can always check with the nurse.

What is the procedure for handling an injury, illness or emergency?
Please know that the health and safety of each camper is our primary concern. Parents are required to sign a medical release (see bottom of page 1 of Camper/Staff Health form) giving the camp permission to seek medical attention for their child in the event of illness or injury. We ask that if your child is ill, they remain at home. Some examples of when to keep your camper home are: Temperature over 99 degrees, vomiting, diarrhea, eye infections/irritations, unknown rash, impetigo, ringworm or other communicable diseases. Please notify the nurse regarding absences from camp due to illness as this will allow us to assess other campers for similar symptoms. A doctor’s note may be required to return to camp under certain circumstances. If a child becomes ill during camp and is unable to participate in camp activities, parents will be notified. If your child is sent home or is missing camp due to a fever, they must be fever free for 24 hours, without the use of fever reducing medication, before returning to camp. If a child is injured, immediate first aid will be administered at camp. Calling parents after a visit to the Camp Nurse will be determined by the nature of the injury and the disposition of the camper. Minor scrapes, bumps and belly aches may not warrant a phone call, but each injury will be evaluated on an individual basis and the nurse will use prudent judgment in determining if a call home will be made. Should your child require immediate medical attention, the camp will attempt to contact Parents as soon as possible. If you cannot be reached, the emergency contact listed on the Camper Health form will be called. Your authorization signature on your health form allows us to secure prompt treatment. Transportation to the hospital will be arranged for the camper and a staff person will remain with the child until the parents arrive. Emergency transportation from camp is by ambulance service. If you ever have any questions as to what occurred during the day or what type of first aid was administered please don’t hesitate to call.

May I send snacks to camp with my child?
Holiday Hill provides a morning and afternoon snack each day for all campers. If your child has a dietary restriction please indicate this on the health form and contact the nurse prior to the first day of camp. Due to food allergies we ask that you refrain from sending food/snacks from home with your camper. Water is always available at many locations around camp all day long. Children are not allowed to bring/share food, candy or gum at camp, including on the bus.