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Bus Information

Transportation will be provided to and from camp on school bus driven by a certified CDL (Commercial Drivers License) driver.

Each bus is provided with a bus counselor. The bus counselor is responsible for the attendance on the bus as well as to relay any behavior concerns to the camp administration. Camp administration will handle any and all behavior issues on the bus.

Bus counselors are instructed to leave a bus stop 3 minutes after the designated bus time for both the morning pick-up and afternoon drop-off.  If you are going to be late to a bus stop please call the camp at (203) 387-2267 to coordinate the best stop to pick up your child up.

If you would like to give permission for your camper to walk home or wait at the stop, a letter needs to be emailed to the following address: This also applies to CITs.

If you need your camper to take another bus home or get off at another stop, that too needs to be emailed before noon on the day of the request.

If you are picking up your camper from camp please send an email to the following address: Please ensure that the email arrives before noon on that day along with a note in your child's bag.